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I don’t know where to begin! Jude is an absolutely amazing lawyer! I wouldn’t recommend anyone else in the area! He is very efficient, reliable, and not afraid to tell you what’s up! I would have thrown out 9 years of my life but he was an absolute legend and I only did 6 months, which I deserved. None the less, almost 10 years later still helped out very much with getting those charges expunged and turning the page to an old chapter of my life. Absolute legend! Thank you!

-Russ, (Aug. 2022) Sacramento, CA.

I called Jude after researching the best criminal defense attorneys in Truckee / Tahoe. He responded to my call immediately and set up a consultation. During our consultation at his office, he was very upfront and honest about my case. He did not make any false promises about the outcome and made everything about the court processes very clear and easy to understand. Which was extremely helpful. Jude has excellent communication skills. Every call and email was responded to promptly, usually within a few hours. Jude has a great reputation in the community and was a former prosecutor for Truckee / Tahoe DA’s office, and has an in-depth understanding of how cases are prosecuted in this area in specific. He went the extra mile to subpoena and review all evidence and findings in my case. Resulting in what I consider the most lenient outcome with the DA and the presiding Judge possible. Instead of being incarcerated, I received 3 years probation and very generously suspended fines. At the end of the day, Jude did not promise me an exaggerated outcome, he was very honest about the factors of my case in specific. He was able to work to get me a very lenient outcome because of his knowledge and hard work. In my opinion Jude was worth every penny paid. I would recommend him to any person in the Truckee / Tahoe area facing criminal prosecution.

-Neal, (Dec. 2017) Sacramento, CA.

When I contacted Jude, I was in a bad state of mind. I had been arrested for DUI, the previous night in a town hours away from where I lived. The Court of Jurisdiction was hours away from Jude. Yet from retainer to resolution Jude was timely, realistic and patient.
And then he went above and beyond. I failed to comply with the court in a timely manner. The mistake was innocuous but the implications were enormous. Despite being no longer retained, he rose to the occasion and facilitated a quick solution. I am naive to the world of defense attorneys but Jude did his profession proud in this somewhat run of the mill DUI.

-Joseph, (May 2019) Stockton, CA.

I contacted Jude first thing on a Sunday morning after my DUI arrest, which I was completely freaked out about. He took the time to walk me through the process and did not rush through my questions. He was extremely knowledgeable and put my mind at ease so I hired him on the spot.
Throughout the process, Jude was easily accessible and responded quickly if I needed anything specific. Thankfully my case ended up being dismissed because I was under the legal limit, but I would recommend Jude to any of my friends or family if they got into the same predicament as me.

-Jessica, (March 2018) San Luis Obispo, CA.

When I retained Mr. Koenig to represent me on a criminal matter, I didn’t know what to expect.
I had a matter that had snowballed into a seemingly insurmountable challenge to take on.
However, Mr. Koenig through his years of experience and expertise was able handle my case and get me extremely favorable results. I highly recommend Koenig Law if you should be facing a criminal or DUI/DWI case in Truckee.

- Anonymous, Feb. 2022

Late on a Friday night I found myself in handcuffs and being charged with a DUI - even though I was not driving at the time the police arrived, there was definitely evidence I had been drinking in my car. That and failing a field sobriety test, I was pretty much f%^$ed.
On Saturday morning when I was released from the 'drunk tank', I called a few friends to get advice and was given Jude's contact information. He called me back a few hours later that same day (I wasn't expecting a weekend call back!) and we spent about an hour going over the details of my horrific night. Jude was thoughtful, explained tons of legal details around my potential case in very plain language and best of all made me laugh despite how dreadful things seemed. It was obvious I needed him to go to bat for me in order to have the best outcome. Paperwork sent that same weekend and I retained him without hesitation. One of the BEST decisions ever!!
Jude has worked with me over the course of 5 months to get me through both the DMV suspension hearing (we won! no license suspension!) and ultimately my criminal court case (we won again! my initial DUI charge was dropped to a drunken in public conviction!!!).
In all of our communications via phone and email, Jude was consistently and extremely helpful, clear, and compassionate. This dude knows his way around the Tahoe court system, is extraordinarily well-organized and most importantly he's relentless in exploring every possible option. Plus, I've never worked with a lawyer I felt was genuinely on my side and so non-judgmental.
Jude has helped me get my life back on track from what could have been an EXTREMELY expensive and drawn out legal process. Don't think about it, just hire this man and let him do what he does best.

-Sara, (Sept. 2018) Roseville, CA.

In October of 2018, I was stopped and arrested for DUI right at/under the legal limit. The very first thing I did was search for a DUI attorney in the Truckee area, and Jude's name was top of the list. Everyone I spoke to highly recommended his practice. His price was more than fair and away we went with the legal process. Throughout, Jude kept me aptly informed as to what was transpiring with my case and where we stood. After a couple months of, what was for me, easy going, we were able to settle for a wet and reckless charge. This came with a small court fee, no jail, no community service, no AA. Then, Jude went to battle against the CA DMV on my behalf, which we were sure we would lose and my license would be suspended. However, thanks to how thorough and knowledgeable Jude is, I was able to keep my driving privilege and did not have to face any negative repercussions from the DMV. Now, while I would have hoped to have the entire case cleared with no conviction whatsoever, the issue really came down to cost and my lack of funding to continue to proper trial. This is in no way a reflection on Jude and his practice. He kept me informed as to the costs of everything and we did not proceed any further unless I said go. He did his absolute best for me and I am more than happy with the outcome. I highly recommend his practice and will be enlisting his services in the future for record clearing. Thank you Jude!!!

-Jonathon, (October 2018) San Francisco CA.

I did something stupid, got caught and was in a lot of trouble. Jude Koenig was able to have the case dismissed before I was even arraigned. He did a great job and I won't have to worry about this being on my record for the rest of my life. Thanks Jude!

-Steven, (May 2019) Reno, NV.

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